Literature assignment

Our literature teacher Pato, gave us an assignment that involves all the poems that we have read threw the year, which are; The Clod and The Pebble, Love lll, Passion and Lovers’ Infiniteness.

1) What is “love” for each of the voices in the poems?

The Clod and The Pebble:

CLOD: generous, happy
PEBBLE: selfish, unhappy

Love lll: religious love, God loves us even if we do the most terrible thong in the world.

Passion: Nature love, since it’s immortal and trustful.

Lovers’ infiniteness: Love is all.

2) Which poems deals with “earthly love”? Explain

The poems that tackles earthy love are The Clod and The Pebble, Passion and Lovers’ Infiniteness because they are or suffering because of his beloved, or in the case of the Clod, enjoying mortal love.

3) Which poems deals with “spiritual love”? Explain

The poems that deals with spiritual love are Love lll and Passion, since they both found something to love that it isn’t mortal, for instance God and Nature.

4) Which is your favorite poem? Why?

My favorite poem is “The Clod and The Pebble” because I think that is very creative to show the to sides of love, since everything in life has to sides, the good and bad things. It leaves you the message, that being in love is wonderful, but you take risk doing it, because you can get hurt.

5) Which is your favorite quotation?

My favorite quotation is “Love seeketh not itself to please” because it describes the goodness of love. Also, because the Pebble, said the same but meaning the contrary.

Lovers’ Infinitensess

Today, we start reading a poem called “Lovers’ Infiniteness” but first he search a little bit about the author, John Donne.

John Donne was born on 1572 and died on 1631. He was a metaphysical poet, so his main topics were love and religion.

To understand more the poem we look up some words.
Thy: your
Thee: you
Canst/hadst/gavest: can/had/gave
Doth: does
Thou: thee: you
Vowed: An earnest promise to perform a specified act or behave in a certain manner, especially a solemn promise to live and act in accordance with the rules of a religious order.
Stocks: undiminished store.
We analysed the first paragraph:

• Speaker: man
• Adressee: woman
• A man is talking to his beloved. He loves her with all his heart and she didn’t
• Tone: heartbroken, depress and dissapointed
• First: all or nothing

We analyses the second paragraph:

• He said, well maybe you gave me all your love but now, new love appear and you didn’t promised to me
• Maybe there are other mens
• But whatever grows in your heart is mine
• He is very possesive

After analysing them we answer some questions.

Stanza 1:
1. Summarize the stanza with your own words.
2. Find an example of hyperbaton.
3. Find words in connection to business. What is love for the speaker?
4. What’s “all” for the voice?

1. The voice says that if he doesn’t have all her love now, he’s never going to have it.
2. “Sighs, tears, and oaths, and letters I have spent”
3. Purchase, due, bargain. He thinks that he needs to work for love.
4. Her love; that this woman loves him and only him.

Stanza 2:
1. Summarize stanza 2.
2. “Other men” Explain.
3. “Outbid me” Explain.
4. Explain the last two lines.
5. What methaphor does he use now?

1. He knows that there is more love in her heart and he doesn’t know who is she going to give it to. The voice is afraid the girl won’t give him that love because she never promised it would be for him.
2. The people he considers as his competitors, candidates, threats.
3. That the other men offer more to the girl; give her more than he does.
4. The voice says he is the owner of her heart and that he wants everything that is in it; all her love.
5. He compares love with nature.

Stanza 3:

divine love– instead of thinking in spiritual terms, the voice and the lady got married

-divine vs.  earthly love

-eternal love

-spiritual love


Idealistic: an idealistic person dreams with perfection

Is this an idealistic poem?
In my opinion, this poem is idealistic because the main voice dreams with the perfect love, the perfect caring that they, he and his beloved, should have.

Can you see any metaphysical characteristics in the poem?

A metaphysical poet is the writer who writes about religion and love. So, yes, because first he talks about love, earthly love, and then starts talking about marriage, about being one person with your beloved.


• Lyrical “I”: don’t know the gender, it could be he, she or it.
• Addresse: the person who the voice is talking to
• Hyperbaton: playing wih a regular position of words in a sentence to emphasize.

We analyze it everything in a slideshare.