Elementos góticos del cadaver de la novia

Carol, nuestra profesora de lengua, nos dio como tarea, elegir una parte de la película El Cadaver de la Novia y analizar los elementos góticos.

Los elementos que encontre fueron:

  • Escenario oscuro
  • Cuervos y Calaveras que representan la muerte
  • Cielo nublado
  • Telarañas y murcielagos
  • Castillo a lo lejos
  • Personajes sobre naturales, la novia esta muerta
  • Extrañas figuras
  • En un momento, a la novia se le sale el ojo, representando terror.

Letter giving advice

Hi Jessie,

      To begin with, thanks for writing me and I’m very sorry to hear that.

   I would advise you to ask the teachers  for doing the tests again. If they agree, you have a whole year to study and get good marks. Remember that we have a long life, with a lot of opportunities.

      I personally think that you are perfectly capacitated to pass all your exams, and graduate. That’s way, you only have to focus on studying hard.

      Jessie, you are not a failure, you are a very nice person and a good friend. You have family that loves you and will support and help you with the studying.

      I strongly believe that you will get into university.
Hope this will be of help,

Victoria Landolfo

Ps: If you need me for studying, I will always be available for you.