She Was a Phantom of Delight by William Wordsworth

Today, with our literature teacher, Pato, we started reading the story “She was a Phantom of Delight” but first he searched about the author.

Birth: 7th of April 1770

Death: 23th of April 1850

Influence on the writer: living on the Lake District.

Who is the poem for: his wife, Mary

Read the poem and check the meaning of new words. Sigue leyendo

Never stop on the motorway, assignment

Pilar, our writing skills teacher, gave us as an assignment to do a summary of the short story “Never stop on the motorway”

Diana is a divorce busy, stressed woman with two children.
One day, she was leaving work to go to her friend’s farm house, when suddenly, she ran over a cat. She pulled over, and moved it.
After that, she realized that a black van was chasing her. So she starts looking for a way to get rid of it since she knew that there was a loose murder killing women, and it could be him. She is paranoid and anxious to arrive. Finally, while a gun was pointing at him, the man on the van said that the loose murder was inside the car, and he was right. Fortunately, they heard the sound of a police siren.

Letter complaining

Our writing skills teacher gave us the assignment of writing a letter complaining about a course

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with the egregious course I took.

To begin with, I was expecting to meet a very cordial and welcoming family that would take care of me during the course. But instead, I met a cold and hateful family that didn’t want to know anything about me.

In addition, the advertisement asserts that the tutors were going to be highly experienced, but my tutor, wasn’t precisely informed and when I asked him my doubts, he didn’t know what to answer. I couldn’t learn what I was hoping for.

The last straw, was when my trip to the city museum was canceled, and my money wasn’t refunded.

I feel that I should be fully compensated for my great disappointment with this course. I look forward to a reply on your earliest convenience.

Best wishes,

Victoria Landolfo

My essay of the Literature Term Test

Here is the essay that I did on the second Term Test.

Explore how the writer of Passion treats with love and nature.

Kathleen Raine tackles love and nature in her poem Passion. In the following essay, this idea will be explained.

First, I am going to talk about how Kathleen Raine handles love. In the first three stanzas, there is a voice desperate for being loved back by her beloved. “Possessing what my soul lacked, tranquility´´ with this quote, we understand how nervous she was because of unrequited love, she was getting crazy. “With the well-known and mortal death, heartbreak“ meaning that she was broken in pieces for not being love back. In the third stanza, we read that, she couldn’t even talk or write. We realize how horrible loneliness is.

Secondly, I’m going to talk about how the writer handles nature. When the main voice is already devastated, the sky spoke to her, being a personification of nature. The sky told her that nature is so much important than being in love with some human beings. ´´Lift your heart again with no fear´´ meaning that she didn’t have to be afraid for being devastated again because now she had nature, and nature will never leave her side. By saying this, the main voice started seeing the word in a different way, in a good way. Seeing that the real passion is in nature.

In conclusion, Kathleen Raine deals with love and nature in her poem Passion.


Our language teacher, Maria Laura, gave us the assignment of looking up some definitions, classify them into ways of looking, smiling or walking and provide examples and photos of them. Then we did an activity to our classmates, which we delivered to her. Finally had to search for a video with the action that the word describes.

I did it with Rosario Vago, Maria Roggero and Milagros Mendez.


11737847_848999525183681_5173940721134053649_n 11209543_849000051850295_4216903625739930098_n

Here is the doc with the definitions, examples and photos: Vocabulary2

And here are the youtube videos.

– Smirk:
– Cackle: 
– Limp:
– Slam:
– Grin: