Questions about “Dumb Martian”

For our language class, we had to answer some questions. Here are mi answers:

1- What seems to be the attitude in the society about buying female martians?
Buying female martians was illegal, for that reason Duncan had to marry her. But, it seems to be accepted by the society, people sold and bought martians all the time, they were salves.

2- At the beginning of the story, where is Weaver going? For how long? What will his duties be?
At the beginning of the story, it is said that Duncan was traveling to a spaceship in Jupiter for five years. His duty was being a Station Officer.

3- Describe Lellie’s appearance. Draw a sketch of what you think she looks like
Lellie was a martian whose eyes were big and make her look like she was surprised all the time. She was tall with green skin. Furthermore, she had pointed ears.

4- How are we given the impression that Lellie is a mere possession of Duncan? Use quotes.
Duncan had to marry Lellie since if not it would have been against the anti-slavery rule. He owned her since he bought her from Lellie’s parents. “One dumb martian is costing me a great deal” He had to pay her the food.

5- Comment on the fact that Duncan lost to Lellie at chess (a game he had taught her)
Duncan was bored, so he taught Lellie to play chess. She won at her, so there we can see that she was very clever and learnt very quick.

6- Where in the story is Duncan’s verbal and physical abuse of Lellie at it’s worse?
Lellie did not know how to pronounce words in english. So, one day she could not say the word “yes” so Duncan hit her. “He hit her across the face, and she nearly fell”

7- Weaver describes Alan as: “snoozy, ritzy and nazzy”. What type of language is it and what does it tell us about the differences between the 2 men?
The language Duncan used was descriptional. The difference between these two men was that Alan respected women and Duncan did not.

8- Why does Lellie’s question about female emancipation makes Weaver feel so angry?
Lellie’s question make Duncan angry since she was starting to learn rights an think for herself and he did not want to.
9- “She was a dumb mart”. Do you agree with this phrase? Explain.
No, I do not agree with that stereotypical pharase, since a “dumb” martian would not have been able to kill her owner. She was very clever and made very good plans.

10- What messages of relevance does this story have? (technology, society, personal qualities). Connect the message to our present time.
In my opinion, the message of the story is to not be stereotypical underestimating people. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. In our present time, there are a lot of people who judge as Duncan, for example rich people think there are more intelligent than poor, but if they really took the time to teach them, as Alan did with Lellie, they could be more intelligent than any rich person.