Biology Virtual period: adrenaline ADH

* Raises blood sugar levels by stimulating the liver to change glycogen into glucose
* Causes fatty tissue to release fat into the blood
* Increases the heart rate
* Increases blood flow to the muscles
* Reduces blood flow to the skin and the intestines
* Widens the bronchioles
* Dilates the pupils

It can be
– Under stress
– Under pressure
– In response of a vigorous sudden action

2. Flow chart:
When there is too little water in the body:
– Hypothalamus
– Pituitary
– Kidneys
– Urine becomes less in volume and more concentrated.

When there is too much water in the body.
– Hypothalamus
– Pituitary  (production of ADH will stop)
– kidneys will not save  much water
– Urine becomes dilute and of greater volume
– Level of water in the blood then begins to fall towards the ideal level.


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  1. Good job.
    – Add the title to the post.
    – Add the questions or write down an introduction before the answer.
    – Add the specific effect of ADH on the collecting duct.
    – You should describe 3 SITUATIONS in which adrenaline is secreted. For example. riding on a roller coaster.
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