Ode on Melancholy is a poem that reflects the author’s feelings about the word melancholy. The main message of this poem, what the author feels when he is melancholic, is that higher the sadness you feel, higher the happiness will be afterwards.

For this poem I chose another feeling present in the daily life.

Ode on Jealousy

Her anguish was reflected in her eyes.

The eyes,

the portals of the soul,

a machine of the truth.

Eyes that do not let you fool anyone
or pretend.

Her eyes mirrored a huge hatred.

It seemed as she was not enough

Like she could not reach the top.

In his eyes, she became unseen

When had it happened so fast?
she thought.


A lot of meditation had to happen
so that she realizes that,

the more he walked away,
the more satisfying was going to be for her to get him back.

The moment he realized the error he had made,

he would go running to her arms again.

Her arms, protective as a shield and comfortable

as an old lucky shoe.

She did not want to wait for him
but after a while,
she would eventually forgive him.

An epic love like that could not be lost
only for jealousy.

was not so bad after all.

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