How was my school year according to literature?

This year I learnt a lot about literature. I could notice that it was easier for me to analyze and understand a poem by myself. When I started having literature in Senior 1, I could not understand a bit the first time I read a poem. Eventually, it became easier and easier. But this year was particularly easy for me.

This year I have learnt a lot about Virginia Woolf as we also saw her in Literatura. I found her writing very interesting, compelling and meaningful. Nevertheless, my favorite topic these year was War poetry since I liked very much the way the poems we read were written. I found it wonderful how the two poems and the story were about the same topic, how excruciating war was, but  so different at the same time. They all tackled war in different points of view.

Although my favorite topic was war poetry, the activity I enjoyed the most was making the essay of the Hollow of the Three Hills and Harry Potter, since that series is my favorite of all times.

I took my a while to think what I disliked the most and sincerely I could not really think of some poetry of prose which I did not enjoyed at all this year. Of course I found some parts that bored me a little, like some parts of The Destructors. But at the end, I enjoyed either the story itself or the message it carried. I do not regret reading everything we have read this year.

I consider that the e-portfolio is an excellent way of learning since it gives us freewill and makes us exploit our creativity. Literature is a subject which I do not really need to study hard since when you pay attention to the class, it is sufficient for you to understand. I cannot think of another way of learning since the way we use now is very useful for me. However, I would like to see movies!

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  1. Great self-reflection!!
    I am glad Literature is easy for you, that means you fully enjoy it and that it has become part of your life!!

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