Rooms and Home is So Sad

Our firsts poems this year were Rooms by Charlotte Mew and Home is So Sad by Philip Larkin. Both poems deal with to different meanings of the word “rooms”. Mew used experiences to describe the security of a room and how we all spend lots of time on our rooms. How every room is personal and especial. On the contrary, Larkin described desolated rooms and used voices to conclude that despite the changes home is home. However, both conclusions give the same message.

What does home mean to me?

Home is not a house nor a building. Its is not the place you live in. Home is the place where you feel loved, comfortable, safe, happy. Where you can be yourself, where no one will ever judge you, where you will create lots of memories. Home is a place which you can go back thirty years later and will still feel the same, because in that moment it was your place i the world. It is like, for instance, when you love a song. You will hear it ten years later, and it will still give you the same feelings it gave you when you were ten years younger.

I love walking down my street and start remembering all the memories I have in each place and I can certainly  imagine myself going back after I grow old to the places I appreciated the most. Where i laugh, cried, hug, suffer and love.

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