War poetry: The Death Bed, Soldier, Rest! and Dulce Et Decorum Est

The Death Bed is a poem about a soldier in World Word Two who was wounded during battle.  Sassoon’s aim was to prove that soldiers are hurt as much as in war even if they do not die in the battle field. In other words, veteran soldiers suffer equally in their homes after war than if they had passed away in there. He tackles death, and makes the readers feel disorientated about whether the main voice is dead or alive.


“Soldier, Rest!” is another war poem written by Sir Walter Scott whose aim is to protest the whole meaning of war. Scott criticizes the causes and consequences of it. He concludes that it is even better to die than to live after war since living as a veteran is that bad. Moreover, he also emphasise that it is better to die in war than to fight. According to Scott, war is the worst fate.

Dulce Et Decorum Est starts talking about how the soldiers lived in the trenches. They were dehumanized because they were so exhausted that they couldn’t even see the gas bomb that had fallen besides them. Furthermore, the poem shows an inside of how difficult was to survive in the war by showing a reaction of the soldiers when a bomb was thrown at them. Thirdly, Owens shows his feelings towards war, and how he was very traumatized because of the events. Lastly, Dulce Et Decorum Est shows a criticism to the church and the government, that made kids go to war compulsory

I found a Ted Talk that could make me understand how war is really the worst fate and brings nothing but misery to the soldiers, their family and the society.


“One day you’re living your ordinary life, you’re planning to go to a party, you’re taking your children to school, you’re making a dentist appointment. The next thing, the telephones go out, the TVs go out, there’s armed men on the street, there’s roadblocks.”

In my opinion, Scott is right to portray war not as the ultimate solution, but as the worst event it can occur. War not only damages soldiers badly, but also hurts society, the environment and the relationships between the countries. In the ted talk it is described how war changes your whole life and daily routine. War affects soldiers, citizens, society and nature.

I made a movie with my friend Lola Villegas Argento with the help of Martina Ibarbia that aimed to portray how friends and family are lost during battle. Furthermore, the movie shows how the families of war veterans suffered.


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  1. Wow!! Vicky I love that TED talk!!
    I fully agree war affects many more people than soldiers. Although they are exposed, a lot more suffer just like you expressed in your video!!

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