To the evening star

William Blake

Task 1:

  • Had visions
  • Studied gothic art
  • Influenced by religion —> got married in a church
  • He stopped going to school when he learned to read and write 
  • His wife was an-alphabet
  • He was unfairly accused by  a policeman
  • His first proposal to marriage was declined —> unrequited love
  • He was an artist —> draw his poems sketches 


  • Portray of feelings through nature
  • Love and protection of nature
  • Difference between romanticism and enlightenment
  • The temptations of the night 
  • Love shall be prevailed through the elements of the nights
  • Day is different than night
  • Light is different than darkness
  • Innocence is different than experience
  • Venus find light at night


  • A sonet
  • Couplet: message 
  • Voice: a person
  • Addressee: the star (‘angel’)
  • Personification
  • Topic=Sleep-religion
  • Venus = first star to appear
  • Venus is the romantic goddess of love and sexuality 


  • Fully alliterative 
  • ‘S’ —> silence of the night
  • Personification ‘star’
  • Metaphor —> ‘blue curtains of the sky’  (night)
  • Oxymoron ‘speak silence ‘
  • Auditory and visual images
  • Blake proceeds to describe the night and how the star and the dew protect is from the evil and temptations and help us to gave peaceful sleep

Topic: fear of the night temptations 


  • Religion
  • Secularity
  • Protection
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Sleep


  • Protective
  • Religion
  • Reflective
  • Calm
  • Worship
  • Binary
  • Opposite

Task 5:


My expectations for 2019

My expectations for 2019

I expect to have lots of fun with my friends. However, I want good grades in my last year in school. Plus, I want to take advantage of my professors and learn so as to be prepared for the next year.
My dreams are passing every subject and passing the UBA xxi.
I plan to spend last year at school laughing and having a good time.