Rooms and Home is So Sad

Our firsts poems this year were Rooms by Charlotte Mew and Home is So Sad by Philip Larkin. Both poems deal with to different meanings of the word “rooms”. Mew used experiences to describe the security of a room and how we all spend lots of time on our rooms. How every room is personal and especial. On the contrary, Larkin described desolated rooms and used voices to conclude that despite the changes home is home. However, both conclusions give the same message.

What does home mean to me?

Home is not a house nor a building. Its is not the place you live in. Home is the place where you feel loved, comfortable, safe, happy. Where you can be yourself, where no one will ever judge you, where you will create lots of memories. Home is a place which you can go back thirty years later and will still feel the same, because in that moment it was your place i the world. It is like, for instance, when you love a song. You will hear it ten years later, and it will still give you the same feelings it gave you when you were ten years younger.

I love walking down my street and start remembering all the memories I have in each place and I can certainly  imagine myself going back after I grow old to the places I appreciated the most. Where i laugh, cried, hug, suffer and love.

How was my school year according to literature?

This year I learnt a lot about literature. I could notice that it was easier for me to analyze and understand a poem by myself. When I started having literature in Senior 1, I could not understand a bit the first time I read a poem. Eventually, it became easier and easier. But this year was particularly easy for me.

This year I have learnt a lot about Virginia Woolf as we also saw her in Literatura. I found her writing very interesting, compelling and meaningful. Nevertheless, my favorite topic these year was War poetry since I liked very much the way the poems we read were written. I found it wonderful how the two poems and the story were about the same topic, how excruciating war was, but  so different at the same time. They all tackled war in different points of view.

Although my favorite topic was war poetry, the activity I enjoyed the most was making the essay of the Hollow of the Three Hills and Harry Potter, since that series is my favorite of all times.

I took my a while to think what I disliked the most and sincerely I could not really think of some poetry of prose which I did not enjoyed at all this year. Of course I found some parts that bored me a little, like some parts of The Destructors. But at the end, I enjoyed either the story itself or the message it carried. I do not regret reading everything we have read this year.

I consider that the e-portfolio is an excellent way of learning since it gives us freewill and makes us exploit our creativity. Literature is a subject which I do not really need to study hard since when you pay attention to the class, it is sufficient for you to understand. I cannot think of another way of learning since the way we use now is very useful for me. However, I would like to see movies!

Ode on Melancholy is a poem that reflects the author’s feelings about the word melancholy. The main message of this poem, what the author feels when he is melancholic, is that higher the sadness you feel, higher the happiness will be afterwards.

For this poem I chose another feeling present in the daily life.

Ode on Jealousy

Her anguish was reflected in her eyes.

The eyes,

the portals of the soul,

a machine of the truth.

Eyes that do not let you fool anyone
or pretend.

Her eyes mirrored a huge hatred.

It seemed as she was not enough

Like she could not reach the top.

In his eyes, she became unseen

When had it happened so fast?
she thought.


A lot of meditation had to happen
so that she realizes that,

the more he walked away,
the more satisfying was going to be for her to get him back.

The moment he realized the error he had made,

he would go running to her arms again.

Her arms, protective as a shield and comfortable

as an old lucky shoe.

She did not want to wait for him
but after a while,
she would eventually forgive him.

An epic love like that could not be lost
only for jealousy.

was not so bad after all.

War poetry: The Death Bed, Soldier, Rest! and Dulce Et Decorum Est

The Death Bed is a poem about a soldier in World Word Two who was wounded during battle.  Sassoon’s aim was to prove that soldiers are hurt as much as in war even if they do not die in the battle field. In other words, veteran soldiers suffer equally in their homes after war than if they had passed away in there. He tackles death, and makes the readers feel disorientated about whether the main voice is dead or alive.


“Soldier, Rest!” is another war poem written by Sir Walter Scott whose aim is to protest the whole meaning of war. Scott criticizes the causes and consequences of it. He concludes that it is even better to die than to live after war since living as a veteran is that bad. Moreover, he also emphasise that it is better to die in war than to fight. According to Scott, war is the worst fate.

Dulce Et Decorum Est starts talking about how the soldiers lived in the trenches. They were dehumanized because they were so exhausted that they couldn’t even see the gas bomb that had fallen besides them. Furthermore, the poem shows an inside of how difficult was to survive in the war by showing a reaction of the soldiers when a bomb was thrown at them. Thirdly, Owens shows his feelings towards war, and how he was very traumatized because of the events. Lastly, Dulce Et Decorum Est shows a criticism to the church and the government, that made kids go to war compulsory

I found a Ted Talk that could make me understand how war is really the worst fate and brings nothing but misery to the soldiers, their family and the society.

“One day you’re living your ordinary life, you’re planning to go to a party, you’re taking your children to school, you’re making a dentist appointment. The next thing, the telephones go out, the TVs go out, there’s armed men on the street, there’s roadblocks.”

In my opinion, Scott is right to portray war not as the ultimate solution, but as the worst event it can occur. War not only damages soldiers badly, but also hurts society, the environment and the relationships between the countries. In the ted talk it is described how war changes your whole life and daily routine. War affects soldiers, citizens, society and nature.

I made a movie with my friend Lola Villegas Argento with the help of Martina Ibarbia that aimed to portray how friends and family are lost during battle. Furthermore, the movie shows how the families of war veterans suffered.

The Lady in the Looking Glass A Reflection

The second story we read is ‘The Lady in the Looking-Glass: A Reflection. This story is written by Virginia Woolf. Virginia crytizeses society in the 19th century. She complains about the fact that if a woman did not get married and take care of a family she is isolated and a ‘spinster’. Because of this, the main theme of this story is ‘role of women in the 19th Century’. This story is full of symbols and comparisons to describe how still she was in the outside and chaotic in the inside. For example, she sees her reflection by a mirror, which symbolises the self-perception. It stands for a complete picture of the self, a self realisation.


This poem took me to ask myself if I knew me, if I would be surprised about the person I would see in my reflection. I believe that most teenangers do not know themselves, that is why it is so difficult to choose a career at the age of eighteen. As a teen, you do not think about the future, you think about superficial meetings or new objects to buy. Although I do not consider myself like this, I do know it is a reality. Anyway, I want to believe that there is a world beyond superficiality.

By thinking about this, I remembered a movie called Wild Child. This movie is about a girl that was sent to a boarding school in England since she did a wild prank to ruin all of her father’s girlfriend’s belongings in front of her friends.  In the boarding school she began being miserable. However, at the end she could understand the importance of friends, family and caring. She realized that she had an excellent family and new friends that loved her. Plus, that her relationships were more important than superficial objects. She became a moderate and decent young child.

Lastly, she describes how the ‘hole’ in her heart was fulfilled.

The trailer:


It think that every teenanger ends up understanding what the protagonist of Wild Child understood, but everyone at their time.

The Hollow of the Three Hills

Our first story was ‘The Hollow of the Three Hills’. This story is gothic. Because of this, it reminded me to my favorite series of books which are called ‘Harry Potter’. Harry Potter is a gothic story too.

Gothic novels were written to develop feelings of fear and terror in a reader.

To begin with, Harry Potter is a gothic story because of its setting. Harry Potter is set in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is an ancient castle full of dungeons and secret passageways. Castles are very important in gothic literature because the scene of the story would transmit the readers a spooky feeling.    Moreover, Harry Potter’s central theme is death. Voldemort’s main aim in life is to beat death. It was his goal live forever, to be immortal. Voldemort was a very powerful wizard who everybody feared. To fight it, he set out to create Horcruxes which made him almost immortal.                                                                                                           One day, he wanted to kill the Potters. When he approached to kill Harry, his mother Lily sacrificed to save him. This created ancient magic and protected Harry from a terrible curse which would have kill him immediately. This cursed is ‘Avada Kedavra’        This unfortunate incident, defined Harry’s life too. He had to escape from Voldemort wanted to kill him until he was 17. After trying to kill Harry and failed, Voldemort was very weak, he was barely human. But fourteen years later, when he gained strength again because of a curse that his vassal did, he attacked Harry in every chance he had.

In addition, The Hollow of the Three Hills has a spooky story too. It deals with a woman who has a shameful past. She tries to run from her problems but comes to find out that no matter how big or small a problem is, trying to run from it will only make the problem follow. She felt so guilty about what she had done, abandoned her family, that she did not care to die if it at least would give her the chance of seeing them for the last time.       Lastly, The Hollow of the Three Hills has a gloomy setting too. The setting, as the title describes, is between three hills. This setting is very scary and dark.

In conclusion, because of its setting and main theme of the story, the astonishing and breathtaking Harry Potter book series and The Hollow of the Three Hills are gothic.