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Posted on 25/08/2017 by ppando
Read Passage A carefully and then answer the questions.
Passage A:
First fill in the gaps with the correct tense and then answer the questions.
The Sleeping Giant
A new and extreme tourist attraction just exploded (just explode) on to the scene in
Iceland: Volcano Walking. It would appear, according to TripAdvisor, that
this is one trip that cannot be missed, despite the extortionate cost.
The idea of making Thrihnukagigur volcano accessible was the brainchild
of Ami B. Stefansson, a doctor in Reykjavik and a lifelong cave enthusiast.
He has been studying (study) caves in Iceland since 1954 and some would argue
that there is no-one who has more experience. Thrihnukagigur has always
been special to Stefansson ever since he was the first to descend down to
the crater base in 1974. Like most people who experience it, he was utterly
spellbound by its uniqueness and beauty and made it his mission to
protect and preserve this stunning natural phenomenon. Unlike others
who may have only seen the profit that could be made from walking into
the mouth of a volcano, Stefansson believed (believe) that the primary focus was
to treat such a grand natural wonder with the utmost respect, to protect
and defend it. The first ‘volcano tourists’ entered the volcano in 2005 and
it has since been labelled as one of the most unique tourist attractions in
the world.
Volcano walkers are taken (take)to the mouth of the crater from where they
are lowered in a basket into the depths of the earth. People once thought
that volcanoes were portals to Hell and associated with death and destruction
and yet the entrance to the crater is awe-inspiring and almost
ethereal. The vastness of it can feel overwhelming; it is the size of a cathedral
and the Statue of Liberty could easily fit into the shaft. After 6
minutes and 120 metres, visitors arrive at the crater base. The ground
space is the size of three full-sized basketball courts placed next to each.
Practice Paper: Text A (pt2)
At the bottom there is a reverent hush. People whisper in respect to the
sleeping giant who has lain dormant for 4,000 years. The subterranean
walls are scorched with colours from a divine palette: magenta red, vibrant
purple, burnt orange, vivid green and honey yellow. The colour intensifies
in certain places where 4000 years ago the magma was pushed
out with brutal force. This is Mother Nature’s secret place, her private art
studio where visitors feel like trespassers. The protruding rock faces show
a tapestry of patterns and formations that have been moulded by heat,
pressure and time. Floodlights illuminate the walls and draw attention to
the beauty humans were never intended to see. A light rain weeps from
the porous rock above and covers the crater sides with a shine that makes
it sparkle. The scorch marks can be seen (can see) close up – at one point in time
these rock faces were glowing red with fiery heat. This giant, although
sleeping, is still dangerous: an 80-metre drop into the void is disguised by
a collection of rocks close to where visitors stand.
It is a soul-enriching experience and visitors often report feeling deeply
moved by the beauty and tranquillity of something that was once so destructive
and angry. Confronted with this result of the unrestrained forces
of nature, it is hard not to feel small and powerless in comparison. Sadly,
the magical spell is broken when the basket appears, indicating that it is
time for visitors to return to reality. On the return hike, visitors walk
across the lava fields as though they are astronauts on the moon. They
pass enormous open wounds where the landscape is literally tearing itself
apart as tectonic plates slowly shift. It serves as one final reminder that
this giant is merely dormant, not dead.
Re-read the descriptions of:
(a) The volcano in paragraph 3, beginning, “Volcano
walkers… ”
(b) The crater in paragraph 4 , beginning, “At the
Select four powerful words or phrases from each paragraph.
Your choices should include imagery. Explain
how each word or phrase selected is used effectively
in context.
Write about 100 to 150 words

• “mouth of the crater” –
• “depths of the earth” –
• “awe-inspiring” –
• “almost ethereal” –
• “Her private art studio” –
• “Tapestry of patterns and formations” –
• “moulded by heat, pressure and time” –
• “sparkle” –
Explain the meaning of the words in bold. Use synonyms to explain them.
Extortionate: (of a price) much too high; exorbitant. Excessively high
Spellbound: hold the complete attention of (someone) as though by magic; fascinate. Fascinating, intriguing.
Unlike: different, dissimilar, or unequal; not alike. Disimilar
Awe-inspiring: arousing awe through being impressive or formidable. Breathtaking, stunning.
Overwhelming: very great in amount. Enormous, immense.
Dormant: having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time; in or as if in a deep sleep. Asleep, resting.
Soul-enriching: fulfilment of soul by doing good experiences.
Finish these sentences in an appropriate way.
If I hadn’t visited Mary last week, I wouldn’t have broken my arm
If I could help Sue, I would tell her to stop smoking


You need to study more if you don’t want to fail the exam
Why don’t you go to the doctor if you broke your arm?
Suppose you had the chance of moving abroad, would you go to Paris?
Jack can lend you the money as long as you return it
I wish I was (BE) taller. I would love to work as a model.
I wish you stopped (stop) smoking. It’s bad for your health.
Writing Task
Compare the two main characters of More than just the disease and Face. What do they have in common? Write a paragraph (90-100 words)Include at least one conditional sentence and one compound adjective. Include at least three of the following terms:
grope for – overcast- to prune- to scold- nosy- sip- to shiver- to hum- to quiver- reluctant- to coax- gloomy- to gleam- scorching hot- rusty- to scratch.

The main characters of the stories “More than Just the Disease”, Neil, and “Face”, Martin have three things in common. To begin with, they both lacked esthetic beauty. Neil suffered from a disease where his skin itched a lot and when he scratched it, he damaged his skin and it turned pink. On the other hand, Martin was in a terrible car crash where burnt his face. He had it full of bruises. They were both gloomy and depressed.
The other thing they have in common, is they they overcame this. Martin learnt to love himself the way he is now by enjoying a competition. Moreover, Neil realised that his skin and his life could have been worse, since a lady explained him that when she was young, she worked with lepers. When he did this, he could go into the water, since it was scorching hot.
Finally, they are both developing characters. Martin changed his way of seeing thing. At the beginning of the story, he was racist. He thought that he was better than anyone. He was very close-minded. But, later on, he ended up being friends of Jamaican girls and seeing that we are all the same, and we all deserve to be treated with respect. If I were him, I would not have been racist in the first place. Moreover, Neil realised that his life was not so bad and that he had to learn to live with it. He matures. He comes to the conclusion that there are people that have it worse than him.


1)What do these pieces have in common? What differences can you spot?
This pieces are the same story, so they have the actions in common. But, they are narrated in two different points of view. Each character, told the story focusing on what they wanted. For instance, how he has his leg broken in the mountain, thinking that he is dead. On the other hand, Simon talk about how he felt seeing his friend hurt.

2)How is tension or fear created in the piece?
The tension and fear created in the piece is made by detailing the accident and the feelings the characters have. The vocabulary the author used helps a lot because you can really imagine what was happening.

3)Choose four terms, explain them and use them in examples of your own.
Slope: to move at an inclination or obliquely
Example: they sloped gradually westward.
Hung: to attach or suspend so as to allow free movement:
Example: to hung a pendulum.
Teetering: to move unsteadily.
Example: But right now, the global economy is teetering on the precipice of disaster.
Buried: to put in the ground and cover with earth.
Example: the piratea buried the cheat in the island.

4)Write a similar piece of your own. Create tension and fear. (150-180 WORDS)

I was not an adventurer girl, but my family had forced me to go into this safari. I do not like wild animals, and they took me to Africa!
I heard a roar. I looked away. The lion roared louder. I turned around and in the matter of seconds he was really close to the car. I felt scared, my heart bumped faster and faster. My hands started sweating. I felt cold. I stared around and my family was afraid too. I really didn’t know what should we do. The lion moved. My heart stopped for a minute. I thought I would die. The animal was going to get angry and kill us all. I could not trust a predator. They follow their instincts, they don’t have mercy. Suddenly, the man that was driving the safari made sounds with a horn and started the car. I started breathing normally again.

The Peniless Kingdom

The Penniless Kingdom by Victoria Landolfo and Ines Galmarini
Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away there were two twin brothers. This kingdom was a particular one, since it had the support of the people. But it lacked one thing, money. The king did not want anyone to know about this, not even his own children. But, the two nosy twins overheard the kingdom’s problem in a king’s conversation. They felt they needed to do something, find a solution. They tried to solve the problem by going into a treasure hunt.

Little do they know what adventure was coming. They started their heroic experience by going into the forest. As night was approaching, they needed to find refuge. The two brothers were thinking what to do, when they noticed a little house. Suddenly, an old lady came out of the house. “What are you doing alone in the forest?”, the old lady said, “Come in, I will make you some tea”. The brothers doubted it for a second, but they could not afford staying outside much longer, since they would freeze to death. When they entered, they looked cautiously at every part of the house. It seemed very simple, the only unusual part, was the oven, it was pretty large for a house that only lived one person. “My name is Louisa, what’s yours? she said. All of a sudden, a huge explosion was heard. In the twinkling of an eye, a wizard appeared into their eyes. “Come with me and you must live” he affirmed. When the old lady started refusing, he touched his amulet, grabbed his magic wand and exclaimed “Abracadabra”. The lady was turned into dust. When the twins asked the strange wizard the reason for his incantation, he explained them that Louisa was an evil witch who steal from naive people lurking in the forest and then burned them for them to die.

When they were about to leave the witch’s house, the twins explained the wizard that they were out in the woods searching for money since the kingdom needed it. When he heard this, an idea came into his mind. All the money stolen by the witch, could be used in this purpose, for the kingdom.

In a matter of minutes, they grabbed all the stolen gold and in a tiny movement of the wizard’s wand, they were home. They both dashed into his father’s room and exclaimed that they had money. The king, was shocked, but he shivered with excitement. He was so happy. The kingdom had money and they all lived happily ever after.
The end….

Frightening piece

I made my scary piece with Lola.

The cold, chilling breeze coming from her barely opened window sent chills through her spine. Sweat stained her forehead; she was burning up although the temperature outside was freezing. She had been running  non stop for almost 1 hour, until she had reached her house. She thought she would be safe there. Wrong; she was everything but safe. She knows it’s there; she can feel it, blending with the shadows, calculating its next move. She fears that it’ll be waiting for her, right behind the door, or down the stairs, so she had stayed curled up against the corner of the room since she had gotten to her house, three hours ago. She eventually decided to get up


Diary entry: The Gold Cadillac

Our language teacher Pilar Pando made us do a diary entry of the story The Gold Cadillac.

Dear diary,
Today my husband came home with a luxurious Gold Cadillac. I really could not believe it. I was really hoping for moving into a good neighborhood for my daughters, so I thought it was a really selfish thing to do. He had to understand that I was against that decision, so I did not get into the car, and I did not let my kids either.

Until one day, that my crazy husband thought it was a good idea to go into a really dangerous trip that could make us get killed. For that reason, when i got into the car I was tired, worried and really angry all at the same time!
Eventually, I was right. They took my husband to the police station for 3 hours. I love him but he has to understand how this world is ruled, white people do not like us in fancy cars, as stupid as it sounds.