Games at Twilight presentation

With our literature teacher, Pato Chujman, we had to do a presentation about Games at Twilight. I did it with Juana Perez Muniz and Lola Villegas Argento.

Games at twilight

With Pato, in our first class, we search a theory: rite of passage.

Rite of passage: 

  • A rite of passage is a ceremony and marks the transition from one phase of life to another. Although it is often used to describe the tumultuous transition from adolescence to adulthood, it does refer to any of life’s transitions (Births and Beginnings, Initiations, Partnerings, and Endings or Death). There are many passages in our lives if we choose to mark and celebrate them.
  • Right of passages means the things that bring you into adulthood. For example it might be your first boyfriend or girlfriend. Going throguh puberty, or graduation.
  • Every rite of passages ends up with an epiphany
In our first class we saw the place, the time, the weather conditons, the social conditions and the mood or atmosphere of the first paragraph
In our second class we have to find images of animals and phrases in connection to ‘death’
Also we saw the point of view of the 3rd person omniscient and the 3rd person limited.
In our third class I took notes:
-When Manu is caught, Ravi feels it could have been him and that’s a specular moment
– Ravi___Manu
‘Dead’ -> Ravi’s innocense died
                The kid inside him died

In our forth class we made a slideshare 

Finally, with Lola Argento, we made a prezi answering some questions of the booklet about the story