Passion by Kathleen Raine

Now on literature we are analysing the poem Passion of Kathleen Raine.

In our first class we search the life of the author.

I took notes:

  • She was a mystical poet
  • She live nature and hated modernity
  • Eastern, spiritual phylosophy of life

In our second and third class we read the poem and analysing in full on a slideshare.

I took notes:

  • The sky is talking to her to convince her that she had to move on
  • Themes:
  • Heartbreak, Unrequilled love
  • Nature will never abandon those who love her; mankind will (because we are imperfect)
  • Tone:
  • Depressing, sad, sorrowful
  • And then, hopeful and joyful


  • Inside = chaos
  • Outside = tranquil


  • She was waiting for a phone call of the man she loves


  • She can’t write anymore
  • She was allusinating


  • The sky spoke to her in a clear language
  • Sky, personification


  • Voice: nature
  • You and nature are one


  • Life goes on, she had to move on, she had to stop suffering


  • She could see everything clear, that she had to move on, that she didn’t need te man because passion is in nature
  • Nature is inmortal and full of passion


  • The sky is like her mind
  • She changer her mind
  • She can see everything in a possitive way


Later, Pato gave us an essay that we have to do with Senior 2 about the poem.

I did it with Agustin Reynal.