British man accused of killing his family caught at California homeless camp

Our language teacher gave us the task of choosing a crime report, highlight the passive contractions and we also had to explain three terms connected with the crime.


  • Stabbed: to pierce or wound with or as if with a pointed weapon
  • Beaten path: a place that’s not very well known to the general public, usually located in a secluded area.
  • Encampment: the place or quarters occupied in camping
  • Estranged: displaying or evincing a feeling of alienation; alienated.
  • Coastal: of, relating to, bordering on, or located near a coast
  • Slitting: A long, straight, narrow cut or opening.

Passive forms:

A British man (…) was found sleeping at a homeless encampment on the coast Wednesday, ending a four-day search for the homicide suspect.

Dialogue “The Escape”

Our language teacher, Pilar Pando, gave us an assignment. We had to do a dialogue that could had happend in the story “The Escape”

This is mine:

(Conversation between Patsy and Alton before Patsy escape)

– Alton me need yu to tell you something…
– What? Do yu need more money? No!
– No it is not that, yu got to listen to me
– You see… My mother is pretty sick, she is dying, me need to go to Jamaica to visit her
– To Jamaica? And what, are yu going to leave us here to starve?
– No! Ruby could come here to watch the kids and make food while yu are at work! Yu wouldn’t see her
-No! Me don’t want that woman in my home!
– But yu wont see her
– Me don’t care
– Please! Me have to go! My mother is dying!
– You will not go! End of the conversation
– Yu know what? Me don’t care, me is going
– No yu are not, yu are staying right here
– Yu are not my boss!!
– Yes me is, me is your husband
– But me can decide where I want to go
– No you can’t decide if yu are still living under my roof
– Okay, me wont go and my mom will die and me wont be able to see her again
– Okay, now go to cook dinner!!


Our language teacher, Maria Laura, gave us the assignment of looking up some definitions, classify them into ways of looking, smiling or walking and provide examples and photos of them. Then we did an activity to our classmates, which we delivered to her. Finally had to search for a video with the action that the word describes.

I did it with Rosario Vago, Maria Roggero and Milagros Mendez.


11737847_848999525183681_5173940721134053649_n 11209543_849000051850295_4216903625739930098_n

Here is the doc with the definitions, examples and photos: Vocabulary2

And here are the youtube videos.

– Smirk:
– Cackle: 
– Limp:
– Slam:
– Grin:

Questions for booktubers

My question about the first video that I like was:

Hello, for my school I have to make a booktube and I wanted to ask you how do you select parts and paste it all together.

My question about the second video that I found interesting was:

Hi! For my school I have to make a booktube and I wanted to know how did you record your own voice while the video was passing.