Literature assignment

Our literature teacher Pato, gave us an assignment that involves all the poems that we have read threw the year, which are; The Clod and The Pebble, Love lll, Passion and Lovers’ Infiniteness.

1) What is “love” for each of the voices in the poems?

The Clod and The Pebble:

CLOD: generous, happy
PEBBLE: selfish, unhappy

Love lll: religious love, God loves us even if we do the most terrible thong in the world.

Passion: Nature love, since it’s immortal and trustful.

Lovers’ infiniteness: Love is all.

2) Which poems deals with “earthly love”? Explain

The poems that tackles earthy love are The Clod and The Pebble, Passion and Lovers’ Infiniteness because they are or suffering because of his beloved, or in the case of the Clod, enjoying mortal love.

3) Which poems deals with “spiritual love”? Explain

The poems that deals with spiritual love are Love lll and Passion, since they both found something to love that it isn’t mortal, for instance God and Nature.

4) Which is your favorite poem? Why?

My favorite poem is “The Clod and The Pebble” because I think that is very creative to show the to sides of love, since everything in life has to sides, the good and bad things. It leaves you the message, that being in love is wonderful, but you take risk doing it, because you can get hurt.

5) Which is your favorite quotation?

My favorite quotation is “Love seeketh not itself to please” because it describes the goodness of love. Also, because the Pebble, said the same but meaning the contrary.

Passion by Kathleen Raine

Now on literature we are analysing the poem Passion of Kathleen Raine.

In our first class we search the life of the author.

I took notes:

  • She was a mystical poet
  • She live nature and hated modernity
  • Eastern, spiritual phylosophy of life

In our second and third class we read the poem and analysing in full on a slideshare.

I took notes:

  • The sky is talking to her to convince her that she had to move on
  • Themes:
  • Heartbreak, Unrequilled love
  • Nature will never abandon those who love her; mankind will (because we are imperfect)
  • Tone:
  • Depressing, sad, sorrowful
  • And then, hopeful and joyful


  • Inside = chaos
  • Outside = tranquil


  • She was waiting for a phone call of the man she loves


  • She can’t write anymore
  • She was allusinating


  • The sky spoke to her in a clear language
  • Sky, personification


  • Voice: nature
  • You and nature are one


  • Life goes on, she had to move on, she had to stop suffering


  • She could see everything clear, that she had to move on, that she didn’t need te man because passion is in nature
  • Nature is inmortal and full of passion


  • The sky is like her mind
  • She changer her mind
  • She can see everything in a possitive way


Later, Pato gave us an essay that we have to do with Senior 2 about the poem.

I did it with Agustin Reynal.