She Was a Phantom of Delight by William Wordsworth

Today, with our literature teacher, Pato, we started reading the story “She was a Phantom of Delight” but first he searched about the author.

Birth: 7th of April 1770

Death: 23th of April 1850

Influence on the writer: living on the Lake District.

Who is the poem for: his wife, Mary

Read the poem and check the meaning of new words. Sigue leyendo

Passion by Kathleen Raine

Now on literature we are analysing the poem Passion of Kathleen Raine.

In our first class we search the life of the author.

I took notes:

  • She was a mystical poet
  • She live nature and hated modernity
  • Eastern, spiritual phylosophy of life

In our second and third class we read the poem and analysing in full on a slideshare.

I took notes:

  • The sky is talking to her to convince her that she had to move on
  • Themes:
  • Heartbreak, Unrequilled love
  • Nature will never abandon those who love her; mankind will (because we are imperfect)
  • Tone:
  • Depressing, sad, sorrowful
  • And then, hopeful and joyful


  • Inside = chaos
  • Outside = tranquil


  • She was waiting for a phone call of the man she loves


  • She can’t write anymore
  • She was allusinating


  • The sky spoke to her in a clear language
  • Sky, personification


  • Voice: nature
  • You and nature are one


  • Life goes on, she had to move on, she had to stop suffering


  • She could see everything clear, that she had to move on, that she didn’t need te man because passion is in nature
  • Nature is inmortal and full of passion


  • The sky is like her mind
  • She changer her mind
  • She can see everything in a possitive way


Later, Pato gave us an essay that we have to do with Senior 2 about the poem.

I did it with Agustin Reynal.


Love (III) by George Herbert

Now in literature, we are analysing the poem Love (III) by George Herbert.
Before our first class we read about George Herbert and in our first class we listen to an audio of an admirer and take notes at Evernote.

-Religious english poet
-It was wrote in the 17 century
-Religious poem that talks about secular love, in the religious way
-The poem have a strugle between ego and its humility, humbleners.
-The poem change tenses, to past, to present
-Transformation in the end

In the second class we analyzed in full the poem Love (III) and, together, we do this slide share.

Here are my notes about the slideshare:

Thee: you
Marred: spoil, ruin.
Emjambment: literary term
Doth: does

Stanza 1
The voice want forgiveness because he feels he doesn’t deserve gods love
So god ask him, Do you lack anything?
What do you need?

Stanza 2
And he answerd that he needs to be worthy to be here
God is trying to explain to the speaker that everybody deserved to be love by him
The voice feel very embarrassed and god took his hand, he was approaching him

Stanza 3: I deserved to go to hell
And god reply: who’s tho blame? Everybody sin
TWIST: he feel worthy, he accept god’s love

Biblical reference about taste my meat: to be part of me, accept my love. My meat is my body, like in comunion, last supper.

Enjambment:You have to read all the way through without stopping for a breather. This literary term make the reader continue reading to understand the message.

Chart: ChartLitS1LoveIIIbyGeorgeHerbert

My own explanation of the poem:
This poem is about a person that thinks he doesn’t deserve gods love because he is a sinner. During all the poem, god is trying to explain him that everybody deserves to be love by God, by him. He refused until the end, when he accepts Gods love and start being part of it.

My conclusion:
In my opinion, I think that this poem leaves a moral, no matter how many times you’ve sinned, God will love you. It is a very good poem, and I like that is a fluent conversation with God. This poem is very touching and I really like it.