Vocabulary of Never Stop on the Motorway

Our writing skills teacher, Pilar Pando, gave us the assignment of looking up some words of the short story “Never Stop on the Motorway” and put examples, photos and the definitions in a doc. I did it with Sybilla Correa and Lola Villegas.



Our language teacher, Maria Laura, gave us the assignment of looking up some definitions, classify them into ways of looking, smiling or walking and provide examples and photos of them. Then we did an activity to our classmates, which we delivered to her. Finally had to search for a video with the action that the word describes.

I did it with Rosario Vago, Maria Roggero and Milagros Mendez.


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Here is the doc with the definitions, examples and photos: Vocabulary2

And here are the youtube videos.

– Smirk: 
– Cackle: 
– Limp: 
– Slam:
– Grin:
 Blubbr: http://www.blubbr.tv/game/index.php?game_id=77960&account_id=0&embed=true&autoPlay=false