My best holiday photo

Our writing and speaking skills teacher, Daniela Barra, told us to make a writing about our best holiday photo.

Here is mine:

On January the 28th, I was in Pinamar, Buenos Aires. I went with my beat friend called Pilar Chamizo. In that sunny day, we went to the center of the city. We went there because we wanted a waffle, and there is a place to buy some. This picture was taken on my way to the center, I took it while walking.

Before taking it, we got out of the car, with my brother and my best friend, and started walking and after this, we were eating yummy waffles!

I chose it because it brings me very funny and nostalgic memories. It was one of the best days of my life!

Here is the photo I chose:

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-10 20.44.16


Wanted poster

Our writing and speaking skills teacher, Daniela Barra, told us that we have to make a wanted poster of the person next to each other. We had to include his description; the day he was last seen; a reward and reasons for arrest.

Vignesh Manwani made my ¨Wanted¨ poster.


“The Impossible” writing assignment

With our writing skills teacher, Pilar Pando, we are studying how to write news reports. In the midtime, we watched “The Impossible”. So, she gave us as an assignment to write a news report about the tsunami of the movie, and a diary like if we were one of the survivals of it.

My news report:

December 26th, 2005
Anniversary Indian Ocean tsunami

It’s been a year since the Indian Ocean tsunami. This tsunami, with a magnitude of 9.1 and a depth of 30 kilometers, killed from 230.000 to 280.000 people.
It affected 14 countries and flooding communities with waves up to 30 metres long. Indonesia was the hardest-hit country, followed by India, and Thailand. It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.
A survival, claimed: “After coming within 15 seconds of an almost certain death one year ago today, one of the most common questions I am asked is “How did that experience change your perspective on life?” To answer that question, I look back on how awful and disastrous this was, and how I now value every second of my life”
Because of this terrible incident, AIR Worldwide is developing a complete update with a model of earthquakes for Southeast Asia, which now covers Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan, and will be expanded to include Hong Kong, Macao, Singapur and Vietnam.

My diary:

Dear diary,
It was christmas, 2004 when I traveled looking for a way to rest from all the stress I had at home. That day, was extremely relaxing, because I had a really enjoyable flight, and the hotel was spectacular. But the next day, was the most atrocious and horrendous day I have ever had.
I woke up, and I heard desperate and noisy shoutings from people. I came out of the bed, to see what was going on. I went down to the first floor when I realize I didn’t have my key to go out. So, I went back upstairs to my floor, the twelve one. When I saw the window and noticed that a huge way, a tsunami I figured, was coming. Desperation ran through my veins, I wanted to vanish from that place because I knew I was going to die. But then, after all the shaking, I was alive, injured, but alive.
So, because of leaving my key and being clever enough to stay in the building, I’m a survivor of the Indian Ocean tsunami, one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

Letter giving advice

Hi Jessie,

      To begin with, thanks for writing me and I’m very sorry to hear that.

   I would advise you to ask the teachers  for doing the tests again. If they agree, you have a whole year to study and get good marks. Remember that we have a long life, with a lot of opportunities.

      I personally think that you are perfectly capacitated to pass all your exams, and graduate. That’s way, you only have to focus on studying hard.

      Jessie, you are not a failure, you are a very nice person and a good friend. You have family that loves you and will support and help you with the studying.

      I strongly believe that you will get into university.
Hope this will be of help,

Victoria Landolfo

Ps: If you need me for studying, I will always be available for you.