Vocabulary of Never Stop on the Motorway

Our writing skills teacher, Pilar Pando, gave us the assignment of looking up some words of the short story “Never Stop on the Motorway” and put examples, photos and the definitions in a doc. I did it with Sybilla Correa and Lola Villegas.


Letter giving advice

Hi Jessie,

      To begin with, thanks for writing me and I’m very sorry to hear that.

   I would advise you to ask the teachers  for doing the tests again. If they agree, you have a whole year to study and get good marks. Remember that we have a long life, with a lot of opportunities.

      I personally think that you are perfectly capacitated to pass all your exams, and graduate. That’s way, you only have to focus on studying hard.

      Jessie, you are not a failure, you are a very nice person and a good friend. You have family that loves you and will support and help you with the studying.

      I strongly believe that you will get into university.
Hope this will be of help,

Victoria Landolfo

Ps: If you need me for studying, I will always be available for you.

Learning more about Edgar Allan Poe

Today in the writing skills class we search about Edgar Allan Poe and his interesting life.

I took notes:

• Born in 1809 in Boston and died in 1849 in Baltimore
• He invented the short story, detective story, and science fiction
• He was abandoned by his father
• Served in the military
• Wrote for newspapers until he became a really famous author
• Woman created the science fiction and the novels
• Wrote a lot of poems, stories, essays, novels, plays
• Stories were groundbreaking
• It made people had a lot of fear
• He was not crazy but he suffered depresion
• He was paranoid of being buried alive
• His common themes were the dark settings, death, madness, being buried alive and personification